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BREAKING NEWS: Ahman Green To Be Placed On Injured Reserve

I admit it. I was kind of snookered by Ahman Green this season. Never really trusted he would stay healthy, of course; last season's constant will-he-play-oh-who-are-we-kidding-of-course-he-won't game was never that far from my mind.

Yet this season, I occasionally found myself impressed by Ahman Green's performance on the field. He couldn't really be counted on to suit up most weeks. When he did grace us with his presence on Sundays, however, Ahman proved to be a capable backup/change-of-pace back from Steve Slaton. He even showed an aptitude for picking up tough first downs in third-and-short and/or goal line situations. I stopped hating him like I did last season.

What's my reward for softening on Ahman Green? This. Well played, Ahman. You got me. Sort of, anyway. In fact, one day, I want to be like you: Earning $11,000,000.00 for the equivalent of far less than one season of work. You're an inspiration to us all, and I hope you enjoyed stealing earning money in Houston the past two (2) years.

What this means in the short-term is likely not positive for your Houston Texans. Slaton's banged up. Ryan Moats is banged up and has not proven to be anything approaching a solution at back-up. Is a Darius Walker return imminent? Who knows? Personally, I'd prefer Ron Dayne, if for nothing else than short yardage situations. Assuming, you know, that he hasn't turned into Gilbert Grape's mother.

Houston's running attack may well be running on fumes when the Jags come to town on Monday night. I'll close with the ultimate silver lining: Smithiak sure got that renegotiated contract right.