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Matt Schaub To Play On Monday Night?

Consider me more excited/supportive of the apparently distinct possibility that Matt Schaub will take the field on Monday night against the Jags than scared/pessimistic about said possibility.

I'll state at the outset that I'll believe Schaub plays on Monday night when I see it. This could be nothing more than subterfuge, making the Jags prepare for two (2) QBs instead of only Sage. Plus, I recall how there was a time last season when we thought 'Dre was going to return within a few weeks of spraining his knee, only to see him miss seven (7) games instead. What's more, as I'm sure Smithiak knows, your Houston Texans ain't making the playoffs this year. Knowing that, there's something to be said for not rushing your franchise QB back to the field when all that's on the line is pride and/or draft position, the latter of which would likely be adversely impacted by his presence. Given all that, my hopes for Schaub playing in the first Monday Night game in franchise history aren't exactly sky high.

Do I want him to play? Heck yeah I do. Most importantly, Matt Schaub's the best QB on the roster and gives the team the best chance to win. He torched Jacksonville earlier this season. And the fact remains that we still don't know what we've got with him, so the more opportunities he has to definitively answer that question, the better. If this was September, I'd be much more cautious. In December, though? Roll the dice, I say. The season's almost over, and Schaub will have an entire offseason to recuperate in the event disaster strikes. If the trainers clear him to play, get him out there.

The floor is yours, BRB. Do you want to see Schaub under center on Monday night? Or is it not worth the risk?