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Schaub Out: Immediate Reaction

Normally I outline, draft, and edit my front page posts...This is not one of those times.  I was busy at work, so I didn't hear about Schaub's injury until early this evening.  All I can say is 'what the fuck?!' Everything I'm about to write is coming through unfiltered.  Call it therapy, call it bitching.. call it whatever.  The following is my visceral reaction to news surrounding the extent of Matt Schaub's injury.

First and foremost - Jared Allen is a cheap shot artist who intentionally injured Matt Schaub.  Diving at a quarterback's knees is inexcusable, indefensible, and intolerable.  With that one play, Jared Allen killed any chance of  the Texans having a winning season.  Fuck you Jared.

So Sage jumps up the depth chart.

What is that?  Sage was 4-1 as the starter last year?  Okay, yes he was - unfortunately it was before he decided to go '93 Oilers on us.  He cost us the game against the Colts and threw a red zone pick on third and inches last Sunday that essentially ended the Texans' day. 

As much as I would love to see a healthy Schaub under center, the Texans have no choice but to go with Rosenfels.  Am I happy about that?  No, but here is the rub.  Even with all the faith I've lost in Sage this season, I still consider him a capable quarterback.   

If there is any room for optimism, it lies in this inevitability: Sage will get exclusive work with the first team.  The coaching staff knows what he does well and will look to coach him up the best they can. 

Sage is a prototypical game manager; unfortunately, the Texans offense is driven by the pass.  If Slaton is the only back available, the offense is going to struggle to get going.  I love me some Steve Slaton, but he doesn't have the size or the savvy in his rookie year to shoulder the entire offensive load, so Sage has to step up and play his way back into the hearts of Texans fans.  I just don't see it happening.

The season is on a runaway train and it's picking up steam...

Damn it.

Remember the "We want Sage" chants?  Well, there you go, fuckheads.