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Matt Schaub To Be GTD Tomorrow Night And Won't Start Regardless

Updating this story, word now is that Matt Schaub's best case scenario tomorrow night is to enter the first Monday Night game in Texans history (and the first Monday night game in Houston in more than fourteen (14) years) as the backup to Sage Rosenfels. According to Kubes, Sage will be under center on Houston's first offensive possession:

"Sage will start," coach Gary Kubiak said after Saturday’s practice. "Matt’s made a lot of progress, and he’s gotten better each day. He took all the reps today with the scout team.

"If we feel good about his practice, then he’ll go into the game as the backup. But if we don’t feel good about it, he won’t suit up."

In my humble opinion, this is a mistake. If Kubes "feel[s] good about [Schaub's] practice," Matt Schaub should start at QB tomorrow night. In other words, The Schaub should be starting tomorrow night unless the team deems him unfit to play. Medical clearance should equal Matt Schaub's return to action.