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N.D. Kalu Cut To Make Way For Craig Nall

In my original post yesterday, I didn't mention how the Texans created room for Craig Nall to join the team. That wasn't a deliberate oversight; I simply didn't know and frankly didn't even think about it at the time. Today's Chronicle has the answer: N.D. Kalu was handed his walking papers.

Even though this move is hardly surprising (Kalu has seen very little action this year), I'm still bummed. I've always liked Kalu. Super Mario and Amobi Okoye repeatedly said what a great mentor Kalu was to them, and N.D.'s been nothing but a class act his entire career. From everything I've read about the guy, his career numbers don't really do justice to the impact he had on the team. I for one am sad to see him go.

Best of luck in wherever you go and whatever you do from here, N.D. Thanks for being a guy who was easy to root for.