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BREAKING NEWS: Zac Diles Lost For Remainder Of Season

Surely, I jest, right? Nope. Next up: Andre Johnson gets hit by a bus while picking up the morning paper in his driveway.

The only, and I mean ONLY, possible benefit to this development is that we should finally get to see what Xavier Adibi brings to the table. Yes, I'm grasping at straws here. We just lost our leading tackler to a season-ending injury sustained in a non-contact drill.

How is it that the Houston fan base has to constantly deal with these sort of calamities? Is Reliant Stadium built on an Indian burial ground? I'm starting to feel like a Cubs fan.

UPDATE: You might ask how one breaks one's leg in a non-contact drill. According to the official site, Diles broke his leg after he "kicked himself accidentally" while running at "half-speed." Are Diles' legs made of balsa wood or something? I do not know if a more improbable injury is even physically possible. "I'm a Texan," indeed.