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Three And Out: Useless Predictions For Sunday's Game

I'm really up in the air about tomorrow's game against the Ravens. On the one hand, it's at home, where your Houston Texans are 3-1 this season, 9-4 the last two (2) years, and 13-9 since Smithiak rolled into town in 2006. On the other hand, Petey Faggins and Jacques Reeves are still expected to start at CB; that's the equivalent of Joe Flacco & Co. facing a nine (9) man defense. On one hand, the Houston offense is putting up 373.8 yards per game, which ranks fourth in the entire league. On the other hand, said offense is going to be led by Sage Rosenfels, who gave us all what may be the most painful single moment (or three (3) moments) in franchise history. Added bonus: Sage will be facing the second-stingiest defense in the league. Truth be told, I'll probably go back and forth about who I think will win tomorrow at least two dozen more times before kickoff. On to the predictions!

1. Don't expect much from Steve Slaton and/or an allegedly returning Ahman Green. I don't see more than 70 total rushing yards coming from the Houston running game.

2. That shouldn't be a death knell, however, as discussed here. The Texans should be able to take to the air with some success. While I think the Ravens will make it a point to roll a safety Andre Johnson's way on the deep patterns and/or a linebacker to the middle of the field to prevent the quick slant, I'm still calling a TD for 'Dre. What's more, I like Kevin Walter to have a big day tomorrow; I'll peg him at 87 yards and a TD of his own.

3. Jacoby Jones scores his third TD of the season on a punt return. Special teams hurt Baltimore last week, and it needs to sting 'em again tomorrow for your Houston Texans to keep a crowd that'll surely be waiting for disaster to strike in the game. Jacoby seized control of the game in the win over Miami, and I believe he'll do it again.

PUT YOUR NAME ON IT: As mentioned in the first paragraph, I'm nearly certain to change my mind about this. But right now? I see Sage having a good game, despite the fact that he's going to get absolutely smacked by Terrell Suggs a time or three. The Houston defense won't be great, but I'm feeling a forced turnover, probably via fumble by Flacco. Throw in the aforementioned special teams TD, and it'll be enough to beat a better team at home. Ravens 20, Texans 24.