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Three And Out: Useless Predictions For The First Monday Night Game In Franchise History

You know the drill, so let's get cracking. Three (3) things that are destined to happen at Reliant tonight when the Jags come running out of the tunnel:

1. Steve Slaton did a whole lot of nothing in his first meeting against Jacksonville. It won't happen again tonight. I'm feeling 108 total yards from Slaton this evening, 35 of which will be via a scamper into the end zone. In the second quarter.

2. Owen Daniels came up big against the Jags earlier this season, and I like him again tonight to the tune of 75 yards and a TD. Bonus passing game prediction: 'Dre will not be a decoy tonight, but he won't break 100 yards. I'm calling 89 yards and a TD for him.

3. Remember what happened the last time Super Mario played in prime time? So do I. Expect a slightly less impressive performance, which is to say two (2) sacks instead of 3.5.

PUT YOUR NAME ON IT: It's Battle Red Night. It's Monday Night Football. It's a struggling Jacksonville squad. Not even the potentially absurd decision to declare that Matt Schaub's healthy enough to be the No. 2 QB yet not healthy enough to be the No. 1 is going to screw this up. Jags 24, Texans 31.