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A Grand Total

Steve Slaton, the Texans' sensational rookie runner, posted his second consecutive 100+ rushing game and his fourth of the season.  In the brutal cold (3° F), Slaton had a career high 26 carries for 120 yards.  More importantly, he became the second player in franchise history to rush for over 1,000 yards.  Currently at 1,024 yards, he only needs 164 yards over the next three games to break the Texans single season rushing record currently held by Domanick Williams (formerly Domanick Davis).  

As much success as he's had this season, Slaton is third in rookie rushing behind Tennessee's Chris Johnson (1,094) and Chicago's Matt Forte (1,081). While he may be trailing for the rookie lead in total yards rushing, he is the rookie leader in running plays over twenty yards (11) and is tied for the league lead in plays of over fourty (4). He's also among the league leaders in yards per carry with 5.0.

On the season, Slaton has hauled in 37 passes for 290 yards. As a rookie running back, he is second to only Forte in yards (395); however, unlike Forte, who hasn't had a single reception over 19 yards, Slaton has caught four of over twenty yards.

Even the most fervent Texans fan has to admit that Slaton's ability to shoulder the load has been a surprise. While I was fully on board the Steve Slaton Express from day one, even I've been wowed by just how good Slaton is becoming. And I use the word "becoming" because he seems to get better with each and every week.

So the question remains:  Just how good will Slaton become?