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Three And Out: Useless Predictions For Sunday's Game

Fresh off one of the most inspiring wins in franchise history, your Houston Texans return home to host the franchise that was ripped from our bosom years ago. Sunday's game also marks the final divisional game of the season; a win tomorrow would give the good guys twice as many wins in the AFC South (2) as they had last year (1). Yes, I'd rather tomorrow's game was about chasing the first postseason berth in franchise history, but it's not. Speaking of the postseason, however, the Titans need the win to lock up home field advantage in the AFC playoffs. Thus, in addition to finishing with a better record in the division than they posted last year, your Houston Texans can play spoiler to Bud Adams' dreams of hosting two (2) playoff games in Nashville. That'll have to do.

How's it going to shake out? Like this:

1. The Schaub's last tussle with the Titans was a freaking nightmare. He won't have to deal with Kyle Vanden Bosch tomorrow, and that's going to help. The remainder of Tennessee's salty defense is still going to make plays, but I'm optimistic that Schaub's going to keep a lid on his turnovers. In fact, I foresee only one (1) fumble, and no interceptions, from him tomorrow. I predict 269 yards passing and 2 TDs from the reigning AFC Player of the Week.

2. I keep waiting for Owen Daniels to explode back onto the scene with a big TD catch. It would've happened in Green Bay if not for that fumble on the goal line. Well, it happens tomorrow. I'm on record that OD finishes with seven (7) catches for 79 yards and a TD.

3. Let's cap this set of "Three And Out" off with a bold defensive prediction. Jacques Reeves had a nice pick off Kerry Collins the last time these two teams met; I'm calling for him to do it again. No, I am still not sold on Reeves as a solid CB.

PUT YOUR NAME ON IT: By all accounts, the Titans should thump the Texans. Yet there's something--call it mojo, intuition, blind faith, or a gas leak--that makes me think the Texans are going to pull off the shocker tomorrow. Titans 20, Texans 24. Pass the aerosol.