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Bryan Pittman Suspended For Remainder Of Season

According to both ESPN and the Chronicle, Bryan Pittman won't be long-snapping for your Houston Texans for the rest of the 2008 season, if ever again. Pittman was one of the six (6) active players accused of violating the league's banned substance policy about five (5) weeks ago; we've been waiting for resolution of his appeal since then. As such, this doesn't really qualify as shocking news.

A simple search of BRB for "Bryan Pittman" will reveal that I'm not exactly broken up about this. Smithiak signed Clark Harris as a contingency plan for this very occurrence, so it hasn't caught the organization off guard. Thus, we're left with Harris getting his first taste of action in the friendly confines of Lambeau Field on Sunday in what's projected to be rather nippy, albeit clear, weather. No pressure, Clark. Here's hoping for an offense that is running on all cylinders, thus minimizing the number of times Harris has to see the field for punt duty.