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I've Got A Fever...And The Only Cure Is More Diaries

Now that we're ankle deep in the tedium that is the dead period between the 2007 season and the Draft, I'd like to take this opportunity to beseech all contributors, readers, and the like to use the Diaries feature on BRB.  As you may or may not know, the Diaries are the method through which everyone not named Tim (and to a lesser degree, Scott, who some have theorized is merely one of my personalities that comes out during a Zima bender) to post what he/she thinks about anything under the sun.  

Thoughts on the current roster?  Post a diary.  Thoughts on a particular free agent?  Post a diary.  Thoughts on a potential draftee?  Post a diary.  Looking for a venue to vent about how Charley Casserly may well be the love child of Bud Adams and Medusa?  Dazzle us with a diary.

It comes down to this:  I already know what I think, and I can assure that it's rarely interesting and/or novel.  I'm much more interested in reading what everyone else thinks, and the diaries (and comments) are the best way for me to avoid subjecting everyone to my banal ramblings. us all from that.  I beg of you.