We need a pass rushing running back...

I know a lot of the Texans faithful are big on us drafting a CB in the first round - but this is where I'll respectfully disagree.  Our two biggest areas of concern, as I see it, are Pass Rush and Running Back.  Seriously - think back to our 8-8 season.  Remember all those games where everyone not named Mario was rackin up sacks?  Or do you remember all of those break away, game changing runs?  No? Me neither.

Look, I'm not saying that it wouldn't be wise to get help in the backfield - but I think that would be better addressed through free agency.  Our defensive backfield can not endure another half of season worth of learning curve for a rookie.  The Fred played admirably, but was only brought on because Petey couldn't cover tupperwear.  My thinking is that we get some experienced DB help (ala Demps last year) and address those other glaring holes.  

First Pass Rush:  True, Amobi needs to take a Marioesque stride in his sophomore season, but we also need another speed rusher off the edge.  I'm thinking either a Suggs-like DE/OLB or a Tuck-like DT/DE that can play towards mismatch.  So with our first pick, I'm thinking we should go with a Keith Rivers at OLB or a Derrick Harvey at DE to add that bookend opposite Mario, if available... and if not, go RB.

Now for the sexy pick, Running back: I think we have a shot of landing Mendenhall or Stewart, but not having a choice of both.  Meaning only one will be there at 18.  Now - that said, and knowing the track record of Kubes, I see us taking a Ray Rice in the 3rd or 4th if available and quite possibly a Mike Hart in the 4th or 5th if available.  The reason I like us taking one of the smaller, quicker backs, is that they both can cut and turn it up field.  Hart killed it in the RB skills challenge.  He's quick and has good hands.  Much the same for Rice. I'd would be interesting to see what he could do w/ Gibbs' blocking scheme.

That's just this fan's take.  Let me know what you think.

There you go Tim.