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Jerome Mathis Continues To Find A New Floor

Let's look at the highlights of Jerome Mathis' career since your Houston Texans drafted him 114th overall out of Hampton College back in April of 2005:

  1.  Named to 2005 AFC Pro Bowl roster as kick returner after posting stellar rookie season.
  2.  ???
And now, the lowlights:
  1.  Hasn't been healthy since that Pro Bowl season.
  2.  Shortly before the 2006 Draft, did a header off his motorcycle.
  3.  Had foot surgery that may or may not have been due to said Excitabike accident.
  4.  After returning to the team for two (2) weeks of the 2006 season, tight hamstrings forced him to the injured reserve list for the duration of the season.
  5.  After making it through a whopping five (5) days of OTA back in May of 2007, he begs off from further practice because of achy hamstrings.
  6.  As the team is loathe to cut a Pro Bowler, he makes the 2007 active roster, only to see him head back to the IR with a stress fracture in one of his delicate legs, ending his 2007 season.
  7.  Unleashes hounds of hell upon the citizens of Brazoria County.  This is not a metaphor.
And the latest example of Jerome Mathis' burning desire to continue to earn a living as a professional football player?  This.  If anyone can give me a good reason why he shouldn't be on the next train out of Houston, please do so in the Comments below.

Update [2008-2-20 11:19:32 by Tim]:: Strong words from John McClain in today's Chronicle about this. I couldn't agree more.