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Zach Thomas To Officially Visit Houston

As Lee noted in this diary, Zach Thomas (formerly of Lubbock and Miami) is looking for work.  John McClain now confirms that Thomas is coming to chat with the Texans next week, despite Thomas already having allegedly received an offer from New England.  While I think it's a long shot that Zach Thomas will make Reliant Park his new home, I think the Texans have a puncher's chance; there's no denying Houston is an up-and-coming franchise, albeit in the toughest division in football.  Indeed, it would seem that the lure of playing in Dallas or New England (and the perceived easier path to the postseason) might be too much for Smithiak to overcome.  We shall see.

Update [2008-2-23 12:19:43 by Tim]: As expected, the pipe dream is over.