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Free Agency Begins At 11:00:01 P.M. Tonight!

Not quite sure why I ended the title of this post with an exclamation point.  As we've discussed at length, it's rather unlikely that your Houston Texans make any kind of splash once free agency begins.  Thus, any visions of Smithiak pacing on Asante Samuel's porch, waiting for the clock to strike midnight (11 p.m. CDT) is probably misplaced.  While the Texans are sure to sign some help via the open market, all signs point to them focusing on re-signing their own and the upcoming draft (less than two months away...huzzah!).

Nevertheless, the off-season is time for rampant speculation and/or dreaming.  Here's a nice, partial list of some of the "bigger-name" free agents available; go nuts and speculate where any or all will or should land.  If you're feeling particularly psychic, give us a ballpark estimate of what you think their new contract (length, total dollars, and guaranteed dollars) will or should be.