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BREAKING NEWS: Apostrophe Davis Stays With Houston

No word on terms yet, but John McClain is reporting that your Houston Texans have re-signed Apostrophe Davis.  I'm very interested to see how much guaranteed dough Davis received, but for now I'll simply be content that the team agreed to a deal with him.  Unless the team mortgaged the Astrodome for him, this should be considered an extraordinarily good day.

Update [2008-2-28 17:21:36 by Tim]: The deal is apparently for four (4) years and $16,000,000.00, and Apostrophe allegedly left money on the table by spurning Oakland. I'm still curious as to the amount of money guaranteed in the contract, but my gut reaction is that this is palatable. Remember--the Texans lopped an estimated $8,000,000.00 off next year's books by waiving four (4) veterans last week, so depending on the number of guaranteed dollars in Apostrophe's deal, this may be able to be viewed as a contractual wash. Nice work, Rick Smith.