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What To Do At LG?

As I began looking into drafting this post, I realized that I had sabotaged myself with my earlier "What To Do At RG?" post.  Seems that I went ahead and discussed every guard on the roster who does not play an instrument from the woodwind family.  No real rhyme or reason as to why I did it; I apparently decided that every guard on the roster played RG except Chester Pitts.  Brilliant.  So now I'm all out of sorts from that faux pas, to say nothing of BFD's libel of my beloved Coors Light.  My world is crumbling around me.  Still, let's put on a happy face and discuss your Houston Texans' options at left guard.  Which, according to my previous analysis, look like this:

1.  Chester Pitts

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that someone from the group of Brisiel, Stevenson, Jackson, and/or Studdard (who's actually listed as second on the depth chart at LG right now) will provide depth behind Pitts, who will still be the starter despite the fact that his performance appeared to slip this past season.  Additionally, I'll echo my earlier prediction from the RG discussion that the team opts not to sign any veteran free agent help at LG, though it's entirely possible that Alex Gibbs has his eye on a prospect or three for late round attention come April 27, 2008.

Wow...that was boring to write; I can't imagine how bad it would have been to read it.  Next up--left tackle.  Given the state of the position and the abundance of talent there in the draft, that one's going to require some serious analysis instead of my usual half-assery.  I better rest up.