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Mark Bruener And Glenn Earl Re-Sign With Texans

Continuing their pattern of taking care of their own, your Houston Texans came to terms with TE Mark Bruener and S Glenn Earl this afternoon.  Barring injury, neither guy is expected to start in 2008; both should, however, provide reasonable depth at their respective positions.  And while Bruener and/or Earl likely didn't have many (any?) teams beating down their doors in free agency, their experience with the schemes in Houston makes them more valuable here than they would have been anywhere else anyway.  Good move for all involved.

In related news, the draft can't get here soon enough.

Update [2008-3-11 10:22:1 by Tim]: Interestingly, Bruener's one-year deal features a paltry $100,000.00 in guaranteed money. To me, that means one of three things--(1) Bruener really, really wanted to be here and took less to stay; (2) there was negligible interest in him around the league; and/or (3) the Texans aren't sure about him making their active roster and therefore made it as painless as possible to cut him if it comes to that. Personally, I'm thinking it's a combination of the three factors, with No. 1 being the overriding reason for the contract.