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Zoolander Does Broadway

Well, I was totally wrong.  After his spectacular flameout in Carolina, I really did not think that David Carr would be on an NFL roster in 2008.  But word on the street is that the first pick in the history of the Houston Texans signed a one-year deal with the defending champs today.  My favorite part of the development is this little quote:

"Chris [Palmer] knows me better than anybody," Carr told "I'm looking forward to getting in there and working with him on what's right and wrong with my mechanics."

That's the same Chris Palmer who was fired by your Houston Texans two (2) weeks into the 2005 campaign in large part because of his inability to get Carr to play like a professional quarterback.  America...what a country!

For more on New York fans' excitement about the acquisition of Zoolander, be sure to check out Big Blue View.  Although we heard the same thing from Carolina fans several months back, it appears that Giants fans have also managed to rationalize Carr's performance by accepting the classic "He Never Had A Chance" theory.  For their sake, I hope Eli plays every snap in 2008.

Update [2008-3-13 0:33:1 by Tim]: For a tremendously entertaining and cathartic read on Zoolander getting a third life in the Big Apple, check out Chris' take at Houston Diehards. First-rate stuff.

Update [2008-3-13 10:54:18 by Tim]: On his blog, McClain had this to say about Carr's signing with the Giants (emphasis added by me):

Former Texans quarterback David Carr is being reunited with Chris Palmer with the New York Giants. Can you believe it? Carr signed a one-year deal with the Giants today. Palmer, who was his offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach with the Texans, strongly recommended to coach Tom Coughlin and offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride that the Giants sign Carr, who was dumped after one season with Carolina. I think it's a classy move on Palmer's part. When he was fired two games into the 2005 season, Carr took a lot of shots at him and his system -- nothing direct, just those beat-around-the-bush shots that told you what the quarterback thought...
Update [2008-3-14 13:58:49 by Tim]: Zoolander admits that maybe, just maybe, he "might not have always given Palmer his best." Where is Carr's agent in all this? Shouldn't someone be telling him that all this talking isn't exactly endearing himself to anyone, especially fans of the Texans and Panthers?