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More Visits At Reliant Park

The Chronicle reports that your Houston Texans are chatting with restricted free agent center Chris Myers and unrestricted free agent running back Chris Brown.  While Denver has the right to match any deal the Texans offer to Myers, he's only tendered at a sixth-round level.  In my admittedly amateur opinion, this makes me think the Broncos aren't too keen on hanging on to him; this alarms me, considering he started at center for them throughout the entire 2007 season.  I imagine our colleagues over at Mile High Report can fill us in on that oddity.

Chris Brown is intriguing.  He's fragile, but has shown real flashes of ability when he's actually been on the field.  Given his repeated inability to stay on the field, is he really a step up from what's currently on the roster?  If he's healthy, Brown would definitely be an upgrade.  But that seems like an awfully large "if."  Tennessee fans certainly don't seem too broken up about a life without Chris Brown.  Assuming Brown is willing to sign an incentive-laden deal, I'm all for bringing another RB in to compete.  But is he worth guaranteed money?