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BREAKING NEWS: Chris Brown Signs With Texans

Terms not yet disclosed.  Career stats here.  My initial reaction:

  1.  The more competition at RB, the better.
  2.  Given his injury history, it's not realistic to expect Brown to have anything more than a negligible impact on the offense.
  3.  I hope Bob McNair didn't have to raise the cost of health insurance for all Texans employees just to get Brown on the plan.
  4.  Could Brown be the 2008 version of Keenan McCardell, coming in with a bit of promise only to crash and burn before he even gets out of training camp?  I think that's far more likely than him rushing for 1,000 yards this season.
  5.  I've never really thought the Texans would go RB in Round One.  Moreover, I have a hard time believing this acquisition would change their draft strategy in any meaningful way.  The more I ponder it, the surer I am that Smithiak may well go best available at every one of their slots in the draft.  The only positions I would be shocked to see addressed before Round Six would be QB and/or WR (due to the clear depth there).
Update [2008-3-14 0:43:3 by Tim]: Contract is for two (2) years and $3,600,000.00, with an $800,000.00 signing bonus. Why is it that I'm wishing that money would have gone to Ron Dayne?