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BREAKING NEWS: Chaun Thompson Signs With Texans

Looks like a Texas boy is coming home, and this is assuredly a signing that I can embrace with no reservations.  Chaun Thompson's career numbers can be found here.  In looking at them, I see a guy who managed to put up pretty decent numbers for a poor team (which Cleveland undoubtedly was before 2007) and showed he was flexible enough to play multiple positions.  Of course, you wonder what happened to make him go from starting every game in 2005 to none in 2007; I'm hoping our friends at Dawgs By Nature can enlighten us there.

That said...young player; very reasonable guaranteed money for a two-year deal; and he should contribute in the linebacking rotation and on special teams.  I can't wait to see who steps up to in camp to win that starting OLB spot.