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Rick Smith Really Wants to Play Golf on Draft Day

Alternate headline: Broncos continue gradual relocation to Houston.  The Texans have traded their sixth-round draft pick to the Broncos for center Chris Myers, a third year player who started all 16 games for Denver last year.  As The General reports in the linked article, this was essentially a sign-and-trade, as Denver just inked Myers to a four year, $11 million deal including three million dollars guaranteed.  McClain labels Myers as "ideal" for Alex Gibbs' zone blocking scheme, which makes sense, as the everyone knows that the Texans are simply a twin embryo of the Broncos that took an extra few decades to meander down the fallopian tubes of Mother Football.

Here is Myers' player page, indicating that he attended "The U" prior to playing in the NFL and that he is a former Punt, Pass and Kick champion.   Myers was a sixth-round pick of the Broncos in 2005. Sure looks good reflexively, but why would the Broncos agree to trade a young, cheap, starting offensive lineman for the equivalent of a roll of athletic tape? Kyle bead Dad in a game of H-O-R-S-E and this is compensation? Too good to be true?

UPDATE:The Rocky Mountain News clarifies that Myers started five games at guard and eleven at center, not sixteen at center. He apparently moved over after starting center Tom Nalen was injured. Also, apparently Nalen will be back next year...Lepsis is the 300 year old Denver OL that retired. I must have missed that in my in-depth offseason review of the AFC West's offensive line situation. So maybe that makes Myers more expendable, especially if the Broncos are trying to package picks to acquire [ex-UK sensation] Dewayne Robertson.