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Return Of The Turk?

Megan Manfull is reporting that your Houston Texans are very close to re-signing one Matt Turk to return as punter in 2008.  Although Turk faded a bit during the second half of last season (culminating in San Diego, which was the site of what may have been the single worst play I've ever seen performed on a football field), he boomed far more than he shanked; this was a notable change of events from his predecessor's modus operandi.  

So I'm happy to see Turk return, though I think the nature of his position lends itself to having to fend off competition for a roster spot come training camp, likely from a rookie free agent.  As the contract isn't signed yet, it's probably premature to welcome Turk back, but...glad to see you back in steel blue, battle red, and liberty white, Senor Turk.

Update [2008-3-20 14:11:24 by Tim]: John Clayton says the deal is for two (2) years and $2,350,000.00, $500,000.00 of which is guaranteed. Consider me a fan.