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Michael Boulware, We Hardly Knew Ye

Buried in this article about Quinn Gray's impending visit to Reliant Park on Sunday is news that Michael Boulware has signed with Minnesota.  After being acquired in a classic "change of scenery" deal one week before the 2007 regular season began, Boulware never really did anything to distinguish himself during his brief time in Space City.  Unless you consider game-altering penalties distinguishing, that is.  Actually, I suppose he did cause us to take notice.  Sort of like farting at church while everyone has their heads bowed.  

Unfortunately for Boulware, he was never able to get on the field at either safety spot; he was nothing more than a special teamer here.  I don't think you can say the deal was a winner for Seattle either; Jason Babin played in a whopping two (2) games for the Seahawks in 2007.  In my eyes, the trade was a wash in that both teams got negligible contributions from the new acquisition.

Back to Quinn Gray--for all the gum-flapping about how your Houston Texans are seriously considering carrying three (3) QBs on the active roster in 2008, I don't believe it for a second.  Why would Kubes depart from the two (2) QB plan he's followed thus far?  It's not like he's been burned by it.  Moreover, why would Quinn Gray be visiting Houston to become the emergency QB here?  He wouldn't.  No, I think all this three (3) QB talk is a poor attempt at subterfuge.  If the Texans and Gray come to terms, the other shoe will drop.  The only question would be where that shoe would drop, and how many draft picks the Texans would get for said shoe.