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BREAKING NEWS: Quinn Gray To Sign With Texans

According to the player himself, it's going to happen (and a special tip o' the cap to our boy Chris at Houston Diehards for bringing this story to light first on the non-traditional Texans fan blogosphere:

"I don't plan on leaving here," [Quinn] Gray said today. "I'm ready to sign. We've been talking on the phone, and now I'm going to meet face to face with Coach (Gary) Kubiak and coach (offensive coordinator) Kyle Shanahan."

"My agent (Drew Rosenhaus) has an agreement in place. It's a one-year deal."

McClain's article (first link above) says the contract is for $645,000.00 and includes a relatively paltry $40,000.00 signing bonus.  Put me squarely in Chris' camp on this one in that it's an awfully low number for someone who has a track record as a proven No. 2 QB.  In fact, I'd go so far as to say that Gray's contract reeks of No. 3 QB money.  So does that mean that I'm backing off my earlier assertion that the addition of Gray means that Sage will be dealt?  Absolutely not.  I'm still not buying the idea that your Houston Texans are going to carry three (3) quarterbacks in 2008 and/or that Gray would come here to be third on the depth chart.  I firmly believe that this signing means Sage Rosenfels is destined for a new home; my only concern is whether signing Gray before trading Sage hurts the Texans' leverage (as first expressed here by Solis in the previous link).

On that note, I'll open up the floor for discussion.  If Gray actually signs, do you like the move?  Does it spell the end of the Sage Rosenfels Era in H-Town?  Is the team showing premature faith in The Schaub?  Betting there's already a trade offer for Sage Smithiak likes on the table?  Is bringing Gray on board simply a case of further thinning out the market in the hope of driving the price for Sage's services up?  Have I closed this post with too many questions?

Update [2008-3-24 15:8:32 by Tim]: The deal is done. Quinn Gray is a Texan. Will Sage be one much longer?