Extreme SBN Makeover

For those who haven't been paying attention in class, it turns out that we are in the offseason.  We're still a month out from the draft, and about a month past the opening of FA season.  So what exactly is Captain Obvious leading into here?

It's time for a preview of what's to come at BRB this summer.  It seems that the SBN sites are in the infant (or maybe toddler) stage of rolling out a new universal platform on all their sites.  The word on the street is that the NFL-related sites will go under the knife for this cosmetic surgery during the summer, so they will all be on version 2.0 when the '08 season kicks off.

Just this Monday, the SBN site for our local MLB team was assimilated.  So if you want a preview of things to come, head over and take a gander at The Crawfish Boxes.

FYI....all SBN sites will finally have a single user login that is shared.  I haven't had time to play with any of the other new features just yet, but the feedback seems positive in the posts/comments.