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Warrick Dunn To Land In Houston?

That's the rumor, anyway.  Allow me to preface what I'm about to write with this:  Warrick Dunn may well be the best PERSON in the entire NFL.  His off-the-field charity work is second to none, and he seems to be one of those rare people who understand that with great wealth comes the opportunity to help those who need it.  I really, really, really like Warrick Dunn.

But do I want your Houston Texans to offer him a contract?  Not to play football, I don't.  I'd rather Smithiak bring James Allen back for another tour.  At least then we'd have an endless supply of jokes to crack about how "Mersilis" was makin' suckas pay.

Remember--the Texans already have an aged running back with durability concerns on their roster.  And while Ahman Green thinks he's healthy, we've been suckered in too many times with promises of "this just might be the week he takes the field" to take that seriously.  So Alex Gibbs aside, why would the Texans make a conscious decision to get older at a position desperate for an influx of youth?  Why take another chance on another RB who's taken punishment over the course of more than a decade (!) in the NFL?  They wouldn't.  Or shouldn't.

Update [2008-3-3 15:48:47 by Tim]: McClain confirms that the Texans are interested in bringing Dunn to Houston to chat. If you read carefully, you'll also see him opine that "[i]t looks as if the Texans aren't going to re-sign Ron Dayne..." Huh? Why not? Dayne isn't LaDainian Tomlinson, but he was clearly the most productive and consistent RB on last year's squad. Why not bring him back? Does he want too much money? Also, how would Dunn be a replacement for Dayne? They're two totally different players in terms of running style. If Dayne leaves, who's the guy to fall forward at three yards a clip? And why in the hell am I so worked up over the possibility of losing Ron Dayne?

Update [2008-3-10 21:14:42 by Tim]: Thankfully, Warrick Dunn isn't going to be a Texan. Best of luck to him in Tampa Bay.