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Love Them Tender(s)

I really should have gotten to this earlier, but better late than never, right?  On the eve of free agency, your Houston Texans tendered offers to the following restricted free agents and exclusive rights players:

  1.  C.C. Brown
  2.  Anthony Maddox
  3.  David Anderson
  4.  Earl Cochran
  5.  Joel Dreessen
  6.  Brandon Frye
  7.  Darius Walker
Perhaps the most notable part of this list is who isn't on it.  On behalf of Texans fans everywhere, I thank Bob McNair, Rick Smith, and Gary Kubiak for telling Jerome Mathis to ply his trade elsewhere. While his speed was something else to witness on the rare occasions he was actually on the field, there should be little debate that this was the right call.