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2008 SB Nation Mock Draft Starts Tomorrow!

Fresh off the roaring success that was last year's SB Nation Mock Draft, it's time to tee it up again.  This year's version will be slightly different:

  1.  The entire mock draft will be hosted by SB Nation's official NFL Draft blog, Mocking The Draft.
  2.  Unlike last year, we're only pretending to draft the first two (2) rounds.
  3.  Unlike last year, there will be no trading of picks.
Thus, BRB's role in this shindig will be fairly limited; we pick who we think the Texans should/would pick at No. 18, and that's it.  The plan is to get three (3) picks per day posted, so that would mean we, as pseudo-Smithiak, would be on the proverbial clock on around Saturday (04/05/08) or Sunday (04/06/08).  

Like last year, the opinions and insight of everyone in the BRB community will be vital to the decision-making process.  So consider this the official open thread for who we should fake-draft for the Texans.  Who do you want at No. 18?  Who don't you want?  Should we target a specific position?  Take best available?  Who do you expect to be there?  How many open-ended questions in a single post is too much?