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Will Demps Re-Signs With Texans

Yesterday, I wrote this:

Speaking of DBs, the silence on the Will Demps front is deafening.  I'm not saying that Demps is Ronnie Lott, but the guy did play well enough last season to merit a nod as a Pro Bowl alternate.  Yet I haven't heard word one about the team trying to bring him back; the only things I've read involve him visiting other teams.  Does this mean the Texans aren't interested in retaining a guy who was one of their better defenders last year?  That Demps' price tag is too high for Houston?  That Will has cut his swath through the ladies of our fine city and must go elsewhere to keep the dream alive?  I have no idea, but the lack of discussion about keeping Demps in the fold strikes me as weird.

And then last night, BigTexBD was the first to notice (around these parts, anyway) that Demps and your Houston Texans agreed to a two (2) year deal worth $4,750,000.00, according to ESPN.  I am a HUGE fan of this signing.  Not just because I think Demps was one of the few bright spots in the secondary last season, but because retaining a Pro Bowl alternate for less than five million bucks over the next two seasons is like getting a custom suit for half-price.  The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that the silence emanating out of Reliant Park about Demps was all part of a genius ploy to drive down his price tag.  If the Texans maintain this sort of shrewd skullduggery, I move that Smithiak immediately take over the title of "Mastermind" from Mike Shanahan in Denver.

Glad that you're staying in Houston, Mr. Demps. I for one can't wait to read the update on his website.