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Come in DeMeco... Do you read me?

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No, that isn't an open ended question to see if our Pro Bowl linebacker reads Battle Red Blog -- but rather what DeMeco can expect to hear come gameday next year.  NFL owners voted 25-7 to give one defensive player the ability to hear plays called in from the sideline.  Yep, just like the quarterbacks.  

Long gone are the days of the hand signals and flash cards that led to Spygate.  With defenses being able to even the technological playing field, they'll have the ability to instantly change plays, rather than tentatively scripting plays depending on scenario and confirming them with hand signals.

For a team like the Texans who face the likes of Peyton Manning twice a year, it could go a long way to help counter his hurry-up offense and audible play-calling that leaves the defensive captain to 'quick-call' a play on his own.  Now he will be able to get defensive alignment instructions, which offensive players to key on, and orders to bring the blitz, all on the fly.    

In short, I see this as a good thing for the Houston Texans.  Offensively, we don't play with too many quick-hit tricks up our sleeves, so I don't see it as giving our opponents any more of an advantage.  But on the defensive side of the ball, the ability to give Ryans (my wholehearted assumption to sport the green-dotted helmet) some help getting the plays out as he squares up against the likes of Manning, VY, and Garrard six times a year is a huge boost going forward.