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Everything you've ever wanted to know about Chaun Thompson : Part 2

Here's a great interview given by Chris Pokorny, head blogger at Dawgs By Nature, to our buddy Brian at Buffalo Rumblings. Some more thoughts on Thompson:

Thompson has good size, speed and in-line explosiveness. He is somewhat versatile; he has played outside linebacker and can line up inside. He is a playmaker with untapped ability, and a high-effort defender who can pursue and chase down plays from the back side in the run game. Thompson can make quick reads and disrupt plays before they gain any momentum. He has enough functional strength to set the edge on the outside, and he can bend the edge to close with a burst to the quarterback. He also is a valuable kick-off cover guy who can blow up a ball carrier.

But Thompson does have a lot of holes in his game. For starters, he isn't a very good take-on player. He prefers to slip blocks and isn't very explosive or technically sound in stack-and-shed mode. He lacks fluidity and struggles to flip his hips in space. He makes occasional jaw-dropping plays, but not consistently. He doesn't seem to pick things up quickly.