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Memorable Misery

You're miserable.  You're miserable because your Houston's sports franchises are making you miserable.  At least that's what I read at  Imagine that, with their fancy suits and uppity ties, they had the gall to point at you and say - you, Houston sports fan, are part of the sixth most miserable fan-base in America.  The nerve...

But then again - it's hard to argue with the pain that was inflicted at the hands of Frank Reich and the feet of Steve Christie.  I was pretty miserable after that.  I also felt pretty dejected when the Astros got swept in the World Series.  Now that I think about it, I was pretty pissed when the Rockets let Hakeem Olajuwon finish his Hall of Fame career in Toronto.  Hell, let's face it; 2-14 wasn't exactly a reason to celebrate either.

Okay, okay - so maybe the high falutin' fellas at Forbes have a point.  The Houston-centric sports scene hasn't had too many winners here lately.  Spare me the Comets/Dynamo retorts.  They have their place, and this discussion isn't it.   We've been in sorta of sports slump for some time now, but you never know.  An 8-8 season just may have been the slump-buster that this city needed.  So even though the Astros already have me browsing the web for an affordable sword (see hara-kiri), I'm holding out hope that the Texans will keep me from having to use it.  

You got a miserable moment, Houston sports fan?  Feel free to vent in the comments below.  In the meantime, I'm gonna get back to lookin' at those swords...