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What To Do At K And P?

No, this isn't a cop-out.  If I addressed FB, you can be damn sure I'm going to spend a few words on kicker and punter.  By my count, this will be the penultimate entry in our offseason "What To Do..." series, leaving only the secondary (shudder) for me to analyze before the draft in two (2) weeks.  Fortunately, both K and P are in pretty good hands (the latter in considerably better hands than this time last year).  

Kris Brown is coming off what was likely the best season of his career.  He more or less single-handedly booted the Texans to victory over Miami, which earned him AFC Special Teams Player of the Week honors and certainly contributed to his Pro Bowl alternate nod.  Suffice it to say, management probably feels comfortable with Brown holding the job down in 2008.

Matt Turk is close to celebrating his four (4) decade anniversary on Earth but shows no signs of slowing down.  While he was a key part of the most infuriating play from the 2007 campaign, on balance Turk performed well in his first season for the good guys.  Although he's got a bit of guaranteed money coming his way courtesy of a new contract, I'd bet that Smithiak brings in an unrestricted rookie free agent to compete with him for the job in training camp.  Barring a complete meltdown, however, Turk should be counted on to be the guy doing most of the heavy lifting on fourth down(s) come September.

Not surprisingly, I'm good with both of these guys resuming the roles they held last season.  While an upgrade at either position is technically possible, it'd probably be cost-prohibitive and thus unnecessary.