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BREAKING NEWS: Texans 2008 Schedule Released!

Here it is.  Initial thoughts:

  1.  Finally...a Monday Night Football game at Reliant!  Against a division rival!  I think I just pissed my pants a little bit.
  2.  Three (3) late afternoon starts, and only one of them is against a West Coast foe on the road.  Interesting.  Should make for a far more invigorating tailgate spectacle when Baltimore and Detroit come to town.
  3.  First trip to Lambeau in franchise history, and it's in December.  Glorious. That said, the timing of it (right after MNF) on a short week screams out the possibility of it being a prime time for a letdown.
  4.  Speaking of cold weather, I would have preferred to be on the road for Jacksonville and Minnesota in December.
  5.  Love the timing of the bye week.
  6.  Road games are spread out nicely, with your Houston Texans never having to be away from the friendly confines of Reliant for more than two (2) weeks in a row.
God, I miss football.  Thank the Almighty the draft is almost here.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to check airfare to Milwaukee in December.