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The Steelers are going to lose....They just don't know it yet.

I've been listening to a lot of Houston sports pundits just roll over and say the Texans are going to start the season 0-1 because we are playing the Steelers, a playoff team, at Heinz Field.

I'm here to tell you that the Texans are going to light up the Steelers and go 1-0, and this isn't just homerism talking. The Texans are going to stampede the Steelers, even in the Pittsburgh bog.

All the negative prognosticators don't have memories that take them back to the 1st two games of the Texans' 2007 season. The Texans came out and whipped up on the Chiefs and the Panthers. Yes, they're inferior teams, but the Texans were playing elite football.

We'll have the full cadre of healthy Texans. Matt Schaub's shoulder will be better. Andre Johnson's knee will be better. Ahman Green's knee will be better, if just for this one game. Chris Brown will start the season healthy. When the Texans are healthy, they're explosive.

The Texans are going to come roaring out this season. Kubiak is an excellent coach that will have the team prepared for this game. The Texans will score on the first drive with their first 15 scripted plays. That will set the tone for the game.

An Alex Gibbs-coached Oline is going to establish the run. The Texans won't be running a hybrid "power zone" scheme anymore. Schaub's bootlegs will be even more deceptive now that the Texans won't be tipping their hands at the snap.

Andre Johnson - no explanation needed. Kevin Walter proved he's a legit No. 2 WR and will go across the middle against Timmons & Foote. Davis and Jones will add some big plays and some big returns.

Ahman Green was solid until his knee gave out. We've added Chris Brown, who is also explosive when healthy. Chris Taylor will be back, and Darius Walker showed he can run between the tackles.

The Steelers are having Oline problems. Mahen is soft and Colon may be out of position. Mario and Amobi WILL get to Roethlisberger.

Ryans & Co. should be able to handle Heath Miller in the middle. Do you remember DeMeco's back-to-back picks against the Raiders?

The only two players I'd be worried about on the Steelers are James Harrison (LB) and Casey Hampton (NT). I think the Texans' overall talent at other positions will balance out whatever damage those two will do in this game. Yes, Polamalu is a top safety, but he'll have his hands full with AJ and Owen Daniels.

It's too early to prognosticate the rest of the season, but I can tell you the Texans will knock off the Steelers in a physical game and the Steelers will have to use their Terrible Towels to wipe the mud off their faces.