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Charles Spencer and Dunta Robinson Are Like Two Peas In A Full Body Cast

Meant to get to this sooner, but it's been a helluva couple of weeks at that thing I do to pay the rent.  Kubes on Spencer:

"I don't think there's a question that he's going to go back out on the field here at some point, whether it's OTAs or training camp," Texans coach Gary Kubiak said. "I think the question mark is how he responds to going back to full work as a ballplayer -- it's been a good two years."

Now, I'm on record as saying that I'll believe Spencer is back and contributing when I see him back and contributing.  I am, however, happy to see that Kubes seems cautiously optimistic.  It'd be foolish for the Texans to draft or go into the 2008 season counting on Spencer for anything, but it sure would be a nice shot in the arm if all of a sudden the LT problem was solved internally.

With regard to Dunta, I'm positively shocked that James Andrews actually told him he could be back as early as September.  For all of us who saw him get injured, a September 2008 return would rank right up there with turning water into wine (or, if you're not into sacrilege, pigs flying).  Like Spencer, I'm of the mind that anything Dunta contributes in 2008 is icing on the cake; the team cannot count on him to do anything but rehab this season.  Even if he comes back by midseason, there's no guarantee he'll look anything like the Dunta of old (read:  All-Pro in waiting).

But this post isn't supposed to be rational.  It's supposed to be optimistic.  In that fashion, I can just be happy that two (2) Texans who've shown awesome talent in the past are closer than any time since their respective injuries to getting back on the field.