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What To Do At DB?

I figure the day before the draft is a fine time to wrap up BRB's barely-scintillating "What To Do..." series.  Being that I've dreaded this final segment since I started, let's treat it like a Band-Aid, shall we?  Rapid and painful, here we come.  Without further ado, here's who your Houston Texans currently feature in the defensive backfield:

Roc Alexander--when the overwhelming bulk of a player's contribution to the squad has been embarrassing the franchise with repeated mentions of alleged past felonious conduct, I see no reason to count on said player to contribute in 2008.  Besides, there's a far better place for players of his ilk.  Hell, Roc would have his choice of roomies/cellmates there.

Fred Bennett--a deserving starter at CB in 2008.  As we're all eagerly watching the draft this weekend, remember that the kid was last year's fourth-round pick.  That should make you breathe a little easier about the weekend.

C.C. Brown--not likely to ever be mistaken for Ronnie Lott, but I'm glad he'll be back.  Whether it's at FS or SS is to be determined; barring an unforeseen development, pencil him in as a starter at one of those spots.

Curome Cox--this makes two (2) mentions of his name on BRB.  Needless to say, any action he might get in '08 will almost surely be on special teams, not at CB.

Will Demps--fresh off a Pro Bowl (alternate) nod and a new contract, he's obviously the likely starter at safety with C.C. Brown.  I'm good with that, though I'd love to see the team acquire someone to push him and/or C.C. for playing time.

Glenn Earl--given Demps' play in his absence, I think it's tough to see Earl sticking with the team come September.

Petey Faggins--after the loss at Atlanta, I wrote this:

Petey Faggins' play was abominable, amiss, atrocious, awful, bad news, beastly, careless, cheap, cheesy, crappy, cruddy, crummy, defective, deficient, detrimental, dissatisfactory, dreadful, erroneous, fallacious, faulty, garbage, god-awful, gross, grungy, hurtful, icky, imperfect, inadequate, incorrect, inferior, injurious, junky, lousy, not good, off, poor, raunchy, rough, ruinous, sad, scuzzy, sleazy, slipshod, stinking, substandard, synthetic, the pits, unacceptable, and/or unsatisfactory.  Because "bad" doesn't do his performance justice.  Thank you,

I stand by my earlier remarks and extend them to his performance throughout the entire 2007 campaign.  For the sake of certain fans of the Texans and the general safety of the Faggins clan, I hope we have seen the last of Petey at Reliant Park.

Jamar Fletcher--looked good at times and extremely shaky at others.  Still, he's probably your third or fourth corner at this point, though that could change depending on how the draft shakes out.

Brandon Harrison--seeing as how he's played as many snaps in the NFL as I have, who knows what he'll contribute in 2008?

Derrick Johnson--Derrick and I have something in common.  Neither of us was on a NFL roster last year.  Where our paths diverge:  I once stole a Tootsie Roll pop from a homeless man.  Scoreboard, Derrick.

Brandon Mitchell--I expect big things from Mitchell in '08.  Why, you ask?  Well, just check out the blurbs from his "Personal Info" on the team site.  He "enjoys the latest in men's fashions and always dresses well!"  If that doesn't sell you on the kid's future, nothing will.  Seriously though, I don't think he's a Texan in September.  But I guarantee he'll look stunning cleaning out his locker.

Jacques Reeves--I'm still scared, people.  But with enough whiskey, we'll get through this.

Derrick Roberson--he went to Rutgers.  So did Albert Schatz.  I think Schatz has a better chance of making the team out of camp.  And he's dead.

Yikes.  This is going downhill quickly.

Dunta Robinson--get well soon.  We need you.  At CB or at FS.  Badly.

Jason Simmons--I'll be rooting for him to make the squad, but it's going to be uphill sledding, I fear.

Dexter Wynn--likely to compete with Jamar Fletcher for a reserve role at CB, but unlikely to see significant time anywhere except special teams.

So that's it, and that's why they have a draft.  I haven't heard anyone say that they're content with the secondary, so it's a foregone conclusion that help is on the way tomorrow or Sunday. And I'd wager that it's coming at CB instead of FS or SS.  Who will it be?  Stay tuned for my next post, where I'll reveal my best guess as to the answer to that question, as well as what flavor the Tootsie Roll pop I stole was.  Here's a teaser:  It was grape.  And it was delicious.