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Alex Brink Is The Newest Texan!

Rounding out their 2008 NFL draft, The Texans select their version of Mr. Irrelevant, Alex Brink out of Washington State.

A quarterback at this point in the draft seems curious.  He's noted as being intelligent and gutty, so it stands to reason that he's in the running to lead the practice squad.  I don't think Matt Schaub is going to lose any sleep over this pick.  Neither is Sage or Quinn for that matter.

I would have taken a flier on a WR here, because frankly, that seems to be the only position that ever amounts to anything out to the 7th round (see Colston, Houshmandzadeh, & Driver).

So that rounds out our 2008 NFL draft.  Expect complete analysis of all seven picks in the coming days.  Let the games begin!