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Fred Weary Re-Ups With Texans; HPD Has Tasers At The Ready

Much to the chagrin of Houston's law enforcement community, Fred Weary is returning to Reliant Park via a one-year deal. Have to admit that I'm a bit surprised by this. Coming off a pretty horrific injury and with a handful of other options at RG, I really thought Weary would be plying his trade elsewhere in 2008.

I note, however, that the deal is for very little guaranteed money, and I have to believe that Weary's injury scared off a lot of teams who might have paid significant money to sign a young lineman with a good deal of starting experience. Indeed, young linemen rarely even get to the open market; their teams usually lock them up before they have a chance to audition suitors. The relatively small contract given to Weary makes me think that teams were either (1) scared off by his injury and/or (2) not that impressed by his body of work.

Regardless, the cap friendly nature of Weary's deal makes me a strong proponent of his return; now, let's see if he can hold off the challengers to retain his starting gig.