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One Idiot's Guess--Starters On Defense

I've already put virtual pen to paper by guessing who'll be starting on offense come Week One, so why not complete the Circle of Things That Will Surely Not Come To Pass by memorializing my predictions for the other side of the ball? Without further ado:

LDE: Earl Cochran (I readily admit that this is almost certainly wishful thinking; Anthony Weaver is probably the favorite to start here despite possessing something akin to the worst bang-for-the-buck this side of David Carr)

LDT: Amobi Okoye

RDT: Travis Johnson (but I'm lighting prayer candles at a furious pace in the hope that Frank Okam overtakes him as quickly as possible)

RDE: That Dude That Can't Carry Reggie Bush's Jock

SLB: Zac Diles (I know, I know...lots of other options here. But I think Diles is going to surprise (in large part because of the one year advantage/familiarity with the system he has that most of the competition does not), at least enough to warrant a start at Pittsburgh)

MLB: As If There Is Any Doubt

WLB: Morlon Greenwood (I love me some Morlon, but watch out for the X-Factor here; I have a feeling it's going to be awfully tough to keep him off the field, whether it's here or at SLB (if he can make the transition))

LCB: Fred Bennett

RCB: Jacques Reeves (while I'd love to jump on the Molden Bandwagon, remember that it took Bennett several weeks to break into the starting line-up despite it being readily apparent to 97.2% of Houston fans that he was superior to every other option)

FS: Will Demps

SS: C.C. Brown

So what do you think? Are my predictions eerie in their accuracy? Or am I completely out of my mind? Sound off in the Comments below.