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OTA: Day 2

Just in case you missed it everywhere else, the NFL owners have opted out of the current CBA, and 2010 is currently an uncapped year.  A move like this obviously has large implications.  Right now, it's permeating just about every kind of NFL coverage.  Welcome to OTA: Day 2 .


Gary Kubiak

(on getting a chance to see where a guy needs work during OTAs) "Well, I think you see a couple of things. First off, you watch veterans that know what it takes to get ready to play a season, so you see guys getting themselves ready to go play. You see guys that are young players that are ready to take the next step to become really, really good players, so your eyes are really focused on the Amobi (Okoye)'s and the Jacoby (Jones)'s and guys like that, that need to become better and better players and a bigger part of this football team for us to get better. So you’re watching that, and then you’re looking for young kids that can keep up with you because you throw so much at them, a lot of times they’ll get lost. But (it) looks like all our kids are pretty sharp kids and should be able to help our football team.”

An example of Kubiak's coaching philosophy: Earn it.  Perfect it.  Do you remember how long it took for Darius Walker to take the field last year?  I don't remember exactly, but it seems like fans were hoping Walker would get a shot at carrying the ball around Week 10 or so.  He didn't see action until Week 14.  Kubiak likes to see players perform at a high level over and over in practice before he lets them do it on the field.  I think he wants to know that when he puts you on the field that he's going to get consistent production from you and not have to worry that you aren't going to get it done (e.g., finish the tackle, one cut and go, drive through the block, etc.).

(on DE Anthony Weaver) “Well, he’s as good as he’s been since he’s been here. He’s healthy. He’s had an offseason, so he’s been in the weightroom. He’s run with the team. Really, I probably am going to need to give him a break now and then, he’ll probably be a one-a-day guy during camp, but Anthony hasn’t missed a thing and that’s good for our team.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement.  If Okam wins the NT spot in camp, the left side of the Texans DL will be a run-stuffing demon.  I don't know if Kubiak doesn't mention Weaver as any kind of pass rusher because he isn't, or because he's being mum on what he expects from Weaver in terms of production.  As far as I can tell, Weaver is still penciled in as the starting LDE.


Kris Brown

(on the owners opting out of the current CBA)

(on what happens next)

(on if this is a big deal to him)

(on the owners being unhappy with the current deal)

(on how the labor situation affects the players that are going to sign long-term deals)

(on if this lays a foundation for continued labor peace)

I was thinking what a waste of an interview with a kicker who turned in some great performances last year and then I read this...

(on notifying his teammates of the pertinent issues) "That was one thing I did when Mark (Bruener) and I came back from Hawaii. We actually sat the team down and went over everything with all of the guys, because it’s important that everyone is informed of what’s going on."

So it seems like Kris Brown and Mark Bruener are the Texans player reps.  Very cool; they're two solid veterans with probably a wealth of experience to share with the younger guys on the team.  I can just picture these 2 breaking down all the issues about the CBA with the team. 


DeMeco Ryans

(on how much the team relies on K Kris Brown and TE Mark Bruener for information on league matters) “Oh, Kris and Mark, they keep us pretty informed on the information and everything that’s going on, so any time there’s some type of thing that’s happened, they’re always informing us and we have meetings about that.”

Now I'm wondering--did Kris Brown and Mark Bruener volunteer?  Were they elected?  Did this year's rookie class have a say or do they just go with it for now? 


I guess this is as close as an NFL player gets to wondering if they're going to be downsized.  What's worse is that some will be cut before the big payday, some will strike it super rich, and some will end up in small contracts watching everyone else.

Not much in the way of Texans news to chew on here.