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I Like Pancakes, And Pancakes Likes Us



Gregg Rosenthal at Rotoworld's Pancake Blocks has been showing the Texans some love.  He thinks the team is going to blow up this season.

After the jump, check out what he has to say.  Be sure to leave a comment on his site so he knows that he's right about the Texans.






The winds are changing.  The Texans are getting good press like the video below,and it feels good.


Gregg Rosenthal says:

Jacoby Jones was the quintessential training camp hero last season. By the time he was through, the third-round rookie out of Lane was consistently getting drafted in fantasy leagues. (At the NFFC last summer, I saw an owner take James and Jacoby Jones in rounds nine and ten. Ouch.)

Once the real games started, Jones disappeared. A shoulder injury was a big factor and the Texans have indicated he wasn't particularly mature. Kevin Walter and Andre Davis took turns surprising fantasy owners. Jones is not going to get drafted this year, but he actually has a better chance of making fantasy noise. The Texans are my favorite emerging offense, and the number two role behind Andre Johnson is not locked up. I'd watch Jacoby closely this summer.

I think he's got Jacoby pegged.  Kubiak is very much about going with established players, so I'd expect Johnson and Walter to get the bulk of the touches.  Davis and Daniels will also be threats and eat up yards.  I'm taking a flyer on Jacoby late in my FF drafts again this year; he could be primed to blow up this season.

If I can, I'd love to grab AJ.  I don't think a lot of people will notice Kevin Walter and Apostrophe Davis until later rounds. It really is an awesome feeling to have 4 solid WRs in the receiving corps. 

Please go to Pancake Blocks and leave a comment to show your support for the Texans.