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Texans To Participate In Impact A Hero's 5K Run

For those of you all who are avid Battle Red Blog readers, you may have seen me mention my affiliation with the military. For those of you who haven’t, I’ve been a member of the United States Air Force for the past ten years. So when I read Nick Scurfield’s article about Gary Kubiak’s involvement in the Impact A Hero 5K Run, I felt it was something worth mentioning.

Impact A Hero is an outstanding organization that provides emotional and financial support for our troops who have been severely wounded or disabled. This Saturday, May 31, they will be holding their annual Impact A Hero 5K Run/Walk/Wheel event at Mercer Stadium in Sugar Land, Texas. Participation is open to the public. The entry fee for the 5K run can be paid on the day of the event or early by signing up online at their website. The event coordinators are hoping to double last year’s total of 750 participants.

As for Coach Kubiak, this will be his second year participating in this worthwhile event. As quoted at

"I got a lot out of it personally, just to see all those kids that have served our country and the price that they’ve paid for our country," Kubiak said. "To go out there and spend some time with them, I really, really enjoyed it."

The official Impact A Hero 5K Run website mentions Coach Kubiak’s commitment to the event and they are hoping for others from the Texans organization will also participate. In an e-mail exchange with Nick Scurfield, he told me that the following players and coaches had signed up for the event: quarterback Matt Schaub, center Chris Myers, fullback Jon Abbate, quarterback Shane Boyd, wide receiver Harry Williams, special teams coordinator Joe Marciano, offensive line coach John Benton, senior defensive assistant Frank Bush, running backs coach Chick Harris, defensive backs coach Jon Hoke, linebackers coach Johnny Holland, wide receivers coach Larry Kirksey, special teams assistant Richard Hightower and defensive assistant Robert Saleh. Mr. Scurfield also mentioned that several other players and coaches be may be there to sign autographs as well.

For those of you who are interested in attending, the event kicks off at 7:30 a.m. Day of registration will be held between 6:00 and 7:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 31st. More information about registration can be found here.

I know Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, and even in these turbulent times, the sentiment can sometimes fade, but if you happen to run across a young man or woman in uniform, please take the time to give them a simple word of thanks. Because… All gave some. Some gave all.

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