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BRB Takes Over Reliant Stadium?

The comments in the previous post got me thinking. Now that we've got ourselves a constantly growing Texans fan community around these parts, I think it's only logical that we pick a home game or two to congregate. As I'm nothing if not an advance planner, consider this your forum to cast a vote as to which game or games you believe we should actively target for a BRB Tailgate. Since we're eyeing this several months in advance, the hope is that it gives people time to calendar and/or schedule around it. If our inaugural gathering manages to get a decent turnout, I could see this becoming more than a once-per-season tradition. But let's not put the cart ahead of MDC's woefully flawed immune system.

While the preseason tilts would most likely have the greatest amounts of tickets readily available, there's nothing like the regular season (or I hear). And I'm also in favor of beginning said tailgate closer to noon than sunrise. Thus, it should come as no surprise that I'd vote for everyone interested to meet up in a designated parking lot at Reliant prior to/after the Baltimore (09/14/08) or Detroit (10/19/08) game. But I'm just one man.

Here's the schedule. What do you think?