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Texans Fans Are Somewhat Satisfied With How Things Are Going

According to a recent study from ESPN, we're growing increasingly happy with our team. You knew that, of course; ESPN just attempted to quantify it. And did they ever--the first non-losing season in franchise history saw our perception of Texans fandom skyrocket from melancholy (No. 96 in last year's rankings) to mere mild depression (No. 56 this year).

Aside from the brilliant and witty observations of the fan they interviewed for the piece, any thoughts? Personally, I'd like to think I'm happier about my team than, say, a fan of the Charlotte Bobcats (No. 47) or the Kansas City Royals (No. 51), but maybe that's just a testament to my cheery personality. Or the effectiveness of my various medications. One of those two for sure.