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"Dump" Is French For "Cheap Post"

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What can I say? I've seen this sort of post elsewhere, but it took the good delinquents at DGDB&D to inspire me to bring the concept to BRB. Without further ado, a quick spin around the internet for items related to your Houston Texans and/or things I just think merit discussion:

-Super Mario still has something to prove. Tell me this quote doesn't make you grin and wish it was September:

Ask him what kind of production would be good enough for him and get this response: "It never will be. It can't be. If I was ever at the point where I said it was good enough, then I wouldn't or shouldn't be playing."

-Call me a pessimist, but things ain't looking too good for Charles Spencer's future in battle red. He still hasn't been cleared to practice, and I think a very, very, very underrated part of this tale is that the team has decided he'd be a better fit at guard now. In other words, management no longer sees him as the LT of the present, much less the future. By all accounts, Spencer has worked his arse off since he was injured nearly two (2) years ago; it's going to suck when the team finally sits him down and says that he's not in their plans. I fully expect that to happen, and I expect it to happen soon. Regardless of where he ends up, I know that I'll be rooting for Spencer to make it, whether it's on the football field or not.

-Best take I've read on Cedric Benson's release is via Jerome Solomon's blog. I am in complete agreement with him; Benson would still be a Bear if he'd rushed for 1,500 yards last year. That doesn't make Bears management bad people; it makes them professional sports executives. And no, I don't see any way the Texans would be interested in Benson. Character issues aside, Benson doesn't strike me as the one-cut-and-go RB that fits the zone blocking system.