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Live Chat with DeMeco Ryans

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The chat is being hosted by in their sports section.  Here's the link.  The chat starts at 2 p.m. central.

The site says that all questions are being "approved," so be patient.  I'm sure DeMeco is going to be swamped.  I'm also sure he's going to answer a lot of repetitive questions. 


Updated: The chat was short but interesting.  Link to the transcript and commentary after the jump.


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Three words stood out for me in this chat.  "It's our time."  Simple and succint.  The de facto leader of the Texans defense feels that the Texans' time is now.  I can only imagine how this filters through the locker room and out on the field.

The chat teeter-tottered between fluff and interesting questions.  You can read the whole thing here.


Down South

A really interesting thing was how 'just folks' DeMeco is.  He's just another Southerner.  Some quotes:

G-95691514: DeMeco, if you had to play for any other franchise, who would it be and why? Also let me state I hope you never play for any of the other teams. You are the heart and soul of this team.
DeMeco_Ryans: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That was my favorite team growing up. I loved to watch the Bucs. But I love where I'm at and wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
G-95720257: which stadium, other than reliant, do you enjoy playing in most?
DeMeco_Ryans: Jacksonville. They play "Sweet Home Alabama" It reminds me of my good old college days.

You rarely get a chance to see a player be this real.  I can just picture DeMeco joining Matt on a beach.


Being Humble

Another great Ryans quote:

Autra: What would you say the number one thing that got you to where you are today is?
DeMeco_Ryans: Being humble.

I'm betting Smithiak wants 53 guys just like this on the roster.  And it's not just that he's humble.  He gave a lot of quotes about leadership on the defense and on the team.  Here's a guy who doesn't have a ceiling, who could potentially be a Hall of Fame player, and he's staying humble.  You gotta love that.

Chocolate?  Potato?

You've seen DeMeco fly around the field making tackles.  Turns out he may have a chip on his shoulder:
rickstyles33: DeMeco, how does does it feel to be the face of the franchise after only a couple seasons in the league?
DeMeco_Ryans: Awesome. I never would have dreamed of being a face of a franchise in such a short period of time. Being a guy who's supposedly undersized and not fast enough, it's a honor to get recognition.
These are the kinds of quotes you hear out of guys like Steve Smith...players that just bring it every down.

It was a really good chat for how short it was.  We all got to know DeMeco Ryans a little better.  Don't forget to visit his official website.